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Evergreen Stories was founded on the belief that your wedding film should stand the test of time. While most firms offer higher priced 4K packages, our quality floor begins at 4K and utilizes cinema-grade cameras, tools and techniques. Our style comes from understated elegance, rather than trendy or cheesy cuts and strong storytelling.


From the moment of booking, we’ll handle everything from there. There’s no need to worry about booking us for enough hours, having to sift through which package is right for you or wondering you remembered to purchase a certain add-on. We want to be your all-inclusive resort wedding production house and offer both photo and video at competitive rates.


In addition, we donate a portion of all of our proceeds to wildlife and forest conservation efforts in your name as an added thank you for booking with us. We’ll even give you a code to track the growth of the trees we’ve planted and will deliver your film in a sustainable, handcrafted wooden box along with a free online link where you can download and share the story with your friends and family.




Vahid Samimi is an award winning cinematographer, editor and graphic designer native to Western MA. As a lead shooter on over 50+ weddings and other live events he has a high attention to detail and is no stranger to visual storytelling. He is also highly experienced in brand strategy and has helped numerous clients work through creative challenges and understand their target markets better in order to create compelling and memorable photo and video campaigns.

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Marcin Czech is an avid photographer/videographer highly experienced in event documentation and travel videography. He believes in a natural, silent ninja approach to videography in order to tell engaging and meaningful stories. His specialities include portrait and landscape photography as well video editing/sound design. He has years of experience focus pulling, and drone/steadicam operation.

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Meerim Altinbek is a prolific photo and video editor, photographer and marketing specialist at Evergreen Stories. She is highly experienced in branding, social media management and graphic design. Meerim is fluent in the adobe creative suite and is the backbone of our editing and animating team at Evergreen

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Aviraj Basnet is an FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), Commercial Pilot, and Commercial Drone Pilot. He has masterful experience in piloting aircraft of all sizes from our lineup of professional 4K drones to modern general aviation aircraft. By combining his love of flying with his skill behind the lens, he brings a unique and valuable perspective to the team.

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Your wedding footage should last the test of time.